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Celtic Britain foundation is aimed on research to and information on the Celtic culture on European level. She does this by means of representative research that is guaranteed by specialism on both the cultural and the historical aspect. The result of this research is available online to everyone for free and is summarised in handy but profound articles. In that way, she tries to make historical and cultural information easily available.

Freely available information
Celtic Britain was founded in August 2006 from the ideal of informing the Dutch speaking population on and attracting them to the Celtic culture in an impartial way. This is achieved by impartial research on both literary, linguistic and (experimental) archaeological domain. The results of this research are published in freely available, easy to read articles on the website www.celticbritain.net .

The forum attached to Celtic Britain forms the social part of the website. People can participate in discussions and organise projects here. One can also ask questions on the forum, which will not only be answered by Celtic Britain herself, but can also be discussed by other members.

Celtic Britain publishes the Celtic Magazine four times a year as an expansion of the website. This magazine elaborates on our research and contains interviews, recipes and reviews. In this way the magazine makes it possible for other organisations with similar aims to introduce themselves to an audience of about ten thousand readers.

Living history & experimental archaeology
The foundation is able to shed light on new points of view by experimental archaeology and living history. The project team Experimental archaeology & Living history deals with experimental research to and education on the Celtic culture. Through the aspect of education, the foundation is able to approach interested persons in a new and dynamic way. The project team is able to approach people of different ages and classes with matching education.

Celtic Britain was founded in August 2006 from the ideal of research to and instruction on the Celtic culture of the British islands and Ireland. This website soon attracted attention in our lowlands and has grown to a website of about 600 informative pages.

You can find a synopsis of Celtic Britainís projects during the last few years on our portfolio page.
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