Schotse muziek

A Guid New Year to ane an' a'

a red, red rose

Ally's Tartan Army
Battle O Falkirk

Battle of Harlaw

Battle Of Otterbourne

Bard of Glen Ullin
Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee
Ca' the Yowes
Down in the Glen
Dumbarton's Drums

Flower of Scotland

Four and Twenty Hielandmen 
Hail Caledonia!
Jessie the Flower o' Dunblane
Lament of Mary Queen of Scots

Mist Covered Mountains
My Ain Folk
My Heart's In The Highlands
No Man's Land

Oh Danny boy

Scotland the Brave
The Campbells are Comin' 
The Dark Island
The Deil's Awa' Wi' Th' Exciseman
The Green Hills Of Tyrol
The Soldier's Return
The Tartan Rover

To the baggers I will go

Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
Up in the Morning Early 
Westering Home

Jacobite liedjes


Hey Johnnie cope

Scots, Wha Hae.
Loch Lomond

Ye Jacobites by name

Cam' ye by Athol


Battle of Stirling

The Battle of the Braes

Blue Bonnets Over the Border

Ballad of Glencoe

MacGregor's Gathering

Draw the Sword Scotland!

The Tartan Army

Welcome, Royal Charlie

Wha'll Be King But Charlie?

Wi'a hundred pipers

The Wild Mountain Thyme

When the Battle's Over

Will Ye go to Sheriffmuir

Will Ye No Come Back Again

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